29 August 2013

23 August 2013

Disaster area

If you would like to visit us at home over the next few weeks, we request that you politely call us in advance. We're not in visitor-mode right now because our house is a disaster area.

Avery's playroom is scattered throughout the rest of the house because we're tackling the last major item on our summer to-do list: painting and redecorating the playroom.

We're making the playroom into Avery's new bedroom. She is outgrowing her toddler bed, so it's time that she has a big girl room. When we asked her what color she wanted to paint her new room, she originally said, "Purple with pink on top." Well, there was no way we were complying with that request. So we convinced her to go with purple only. We thought four purple walls might be a bit too much, so we went with three purple and one white.

The painting went very well last weekend. Now we're in a holding pattern as we wait for the new carpet to be installed...on Sept. 6. That's a long time to live with this mess in the house! So in the meantime, we're going through everything that was in the room and the closet (which was a nice storage area for a lot of random things) and purging things we don't need. Then we'll sort and reorganize everything before we move things back into the new room. Watch for more pictures soon!

22 August 2013

21 August 2013

Christmas in August

A few weeks ago, the three of us joined Chris' parents for a trip to Holiday World, the country's greatest amusement park and water park combined. (We aren't the only ones who think this, according to this and this.)

Chris and I spent a day there several years ago, long before Avery was born. So this was Avery, Mike and Connie's first time at the park. It's a good thing we had a trial run at the fair earlier this summer. Avery didn't hesitate at all to hop on any ride (well, except for the big roller coasters that Daddy and Poppaw rode), including the Scarecrow Scrambler and two times on the Turkey Whirl.

Holiday World offers several kid-only rides. They were the perfect size for our new daredevil.

Avery asked Poppaw to go with her on this ride. I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into! But they both smiled the whole time.

A few months ago, Avery had her first roller coaster experience at the zoo with Grandpa Hromada. This coaster at Holiday World was pretty similar. After she got off the ride, I noticed that her bottom lip was a little bloody. She said she bit her lip during the ride. And she also spit out her gum on one of the corners! But none of that squelched her spirit!

Avery had a blast "driving" Mommaw, Poppaw and me in the Jeeps and the antique cars. She thought she was hot stuff being in the driver's seat.

This kid-sized merry-go-round was perfect for this girl who loves carousels.

As Mommaw and I were watching Avery enjoy her kiddie rides, Chris hollered at us from the first hill of one of the big coasters. Can you see Mike and Chris in the next-to-last car?

I think Avery could have spent all day on these bumper boats. She rode them twice.

I don't know where this disco pose came from. We took this picture on our way out of the park. She must have been a little hyper and tired.

Thanks for a fun experience, Mommaw and Poppaw! Avery enjoyed everything so much that we'll need to make this an annual trip.

17 August 2013

A great visit from a great uncle

Last week, Avery finally got to meet her Great Uncle Chris. My dad's brother lives in California and recently retired, giving him more time to travel. We haven't seen him for a few years, and this was Avery's first introduction to her Great Uncle Chris. We had lots of fun family time together.

My dad and Uncle Chris both enjoy playing chess. My dad wants to teach Avery how to play, but obviously she's way too young to understand the game right now. But one night, she asked Grandpa to teach her "chest." Needless to say, the teaching didn't last very long before she lost interest.

Karen, Chris, Uncle Chris, Dad and I played an entertaining game of Shanghai, the Hromada family card game. Grandma and Avery played with princess dolls.

We were ashamed that Uncle Chris beat us so badly. It seems he's been honing his Shanghai skills in secret.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a walk along the canal downtown.

Avery posed on the woolly mammoth statue outside the Indiana State Museum.

Since California doesn't have Steak 'n Shakes, Uncle Chris requested that for dinner. He didn't realize he would have to help entertain Avery at the table. But he quickly picked up a crayon and started coloring and playing tic-tac-toe with her. She loved having a new dining companion.

Following dinner, we played miniature golf. Luckily the course wasn't too crowded, so the seven of us pretty much played together. I believe everyone made at least one hole-in-one...except Grandma and Chris (and Avery, of course)!

These two guys were really good sports. They probably weren't very excited about miniature golf, but they complied. And I think they even enjoyed themselves! (You can't tell at all that they're brothers, right?!)

Avery was very excited to get a hot pink golf ball.

On Sunday, everyone came to our house for a cookout. After lunch, we played in the basement a little. As usual, Karen was invited inside Avery's cardboard house, courtesy of Aunt Ann.

And Avery couldn't forget about Grandpa! I was surprised that she didn't force Uncle Chris to get in, too.

Then we moved the festivities outside. First up was cornhole. The Chrises easily beat Karen and Grandpa.

Avery couldn't really participate in cornhole. So we got out lots of her yard toys. Uncle Chris stepped right in and played soccer with Avery and Daddy.

He even hit some baseballs from her baseball pitching machine! And suddenly it was time to say goodbye to Uncle Chris. Maybe we'll plan a family trip to California in the next few years?

This is what happens after you spend three fun-filled days with Uncle Chris.

I was impressed at how quickly both Uncle Chris and Avery warmed up to each other. She didn't hesitate to play all of her usual games and toys with him (except for Barbies...she threatened to make him play Barbies with her, but she never followed through). And he didn't mind playing with a crazy 4-year-old. I'm so glad he made this trip to see us!