30 July 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Saturday

It's the first day of the weekend! Here's what we did today:

Avery woke up at 7:45 a.m. She still hasn't learned that Saturdays are for sleeping in! She played in our room for a bit while Chris and I slowly adjusted to the fact that it was morning. Then Avery and Chris had their usual Saturday breakfast of sharing a bowl of Cheerios and a Pop-Tart. I don't think Daddy gets to eat much, but he enjoys sharing this meal with Avery every week.

Chris has been very motivated to make improvements in the yard this summer. Maybe it's because he hasn't been mowing the lawn very much due to the dry weather! Today he wanted to clean out the overgrown plants along the fence on the north side of our property. And of course Avery wanted to help.

Avery asked for her own garden gloves recently. So we bought these pink Disney princess gloves last week. Unfortunately, they're a little big. But I'm sure Avery will grow into them by next summer.

The before pictures.

And the after. These pictures don't do justice to Chris' efforts. He got rid of a lot of overgrowth. We're going to let this area sit until next spring when we'll plant new somethings here as well as in the front flowerbeds.

Look at how long this vine is!

Take a look at Chris' uniform: Cincinnati Reds hat, Butler women's basketball T-shirt, camouflage pants courtesy of Casey and Nike shoes. It was quite an outfit! But the pants did the trick: They were very heavy-duty and kept Chris' legs from getting banged up or bitten by bugs.

Avery helped for only a little while. Some bugs started bothering her, and she told Daddy, "Bugs off Avery!" Daddy told her that bugs would bother her if she helped him in all these weeds. So she said, "OK, Avery go inside now."

Avery and I had a special lunch today with the ladies of the Rork family: my mom, my sister, my aunt, my cousin and her son, and my grandma and her sister. Our traditional hangout seems to be Panera. So that's where we ate again today.

Here's Avery enjoying her macaroni and cheese. I'm pretty sure one day she will turn into macaroni and cheese because she eats it so much!

After lunch, we all came back to our house to play and talk.

Avery was trying to teach Joel how to jump. He did manage to lift one leg, but he wasn't ready to jump with both feet!

Here is my grandma's sister Orene. They could be twins. In fact, when Avery ran to greet Granny, she did a double take when she saw Orene. She was a little confused about seeing two Grannys!

Avery convinced Aunt Pauline, Aunt Karen, Joel and Granny to play Ring around the Rosie. As you can see in the last picture, Granny really got into the "all fall down" part.

After the girls and Joel left, Avery went down for a nap. Chris wanted to have a grilled surf and turf dinner, so I ran to the grocery store for an odd list of items.

We decided to have bacon-wrapped scallops...

...steaks marinated in Italian dressing, baked potatoes and corn on the cob. The only thing I was responsible for was the corn!

I'm so glad that Chris is such a grill master and that he loves grilling in the summer. It offers a nice change of pace to our usual menu.

Avery pretty much ate just corn. I don't know why she loves breakfast and lunch so much but usually isn't interested in dinner.

After dinner, we washed the dishes and played with Avery for a bit. Then it was time for a bath.

She's quite the poser, huh?

It was Chris' night for reading and rocking. Avery went down pretty easily, although she stayed awake talking quietly for a little longer than we would have liked. She finally fell asleep around 8:15 p.m.

And here are a few other things I want to document about this week:

I started this book earlier in the week. I really like Dee Henderson's books.

Here are the cars we're driving right now. The red one is ours, but the gray one is on loan from my parents. Over the past few months, we were having electrical issues with our Jeep. These issues prevented the Jeep from starting, but the problem would happen very randomly. Finally, we decided that we needed to get rid of the Jeep before one of us got stuck somewhere. So until we buy a new car, we're using my parents' "extra" car. We have a few more payments left on my car, so hopefully we can pay it off and buy another one before Chris' basketball season starts.

And the textbook for Chris' next class arrived today. His next class is Old Testament Poetry and Prophecy. It will be a lot of reading in five short weeks, but I know he'll enjoy learning from some little-read books of the Bible.

It's hard to believe that this Week in the Life project is over tomorrow! I guess I'd better think a little more about what I want my final scrapbook to look like.

29 July 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Friday

The day didn't start off so well. At 1 a.m., Avery woke up with a potty accident. Not only did she wet her pajamas (her last clean pair), she also wet her bed (her last clean set of sheets). In case you didn't figure it out, today was laundry day! She's had a few accidents lately, so we've been trying to get her back to going potty in the potty!

So at 1 a.m., I had to create some makeshift pajamas with her regular clothes and makeshift sheets with some baby blankets.

Then I couldn't go back to sleep, thanks to feeling a little sick and having a headache. So I finally fell asleep at 6 a.m. Then Avery woke up at 7:15 a.m. Why couldn't she sleep in late today?!

When Chris left for work around 7:45 a.m., I got up and took a shower. After my shower, we changed Avery's clothes...

...and ate breakfast. Avery asked to eat dry Cheerios and a Pop-Tart in the living room. That usually means that she dumps the Cheerios on the couch and eats them from there.

Today was trash day. On Thursday nights, Chris and I collect the trash together from the house, then Chris puts to trash out in the driveway.

One of the highlights of Avery's Fridays is watching the trash truck pick up our trash can and dump it in the back of the truck.

Thanks to modern technology, I have the pleasure of working from home on Fridays. Can you tell why I love my job so much! (Plus, my boss is my best friend of more than 20 years, and my other co-worker is her mom!) I can access my office computer from home and get to everything I need. It's nice to still have a day at home with Avery but get some work done in a leisurely way and make a little money, too! It's a good thing I didn't have to go to the office today because I was so tired and just plain out of it. I didn't really have to be running on all cylinders at home today, and that's a good thing!

And here's my co-worker at home on Fridays.

It's also nice to be able to do some housework while I'm doing office work. Today I did three loads of laundry: one white, one dark and Avery's clothes and sheets.

Avery usually entertains herself while I work at home. Today she watched some of her favorite TV shows, played with her babies and colored a lot.

Avery really loves to color and draw. Here is some of her work today. On the left is a sailboat. On the right is an apple.

For some reason, she doesn't like the white crayon. She dumps out all of the crayons, then puts the white one back in the bag.

I love how she holds crayons in her tiny little hands!

Pretty soon it was lunch time. Avery ate a pasta meal, a stick of cheese, a Capri Sun drink and mandarin oranges. I just ate cheese and crackers.

Then we both took a two-hour nap from 1 to 3 p.m. After that, I worked some more and finished the laundry, and Avery played a lot.

Then at 4 p.m., Chris surprised us and came home early! Thank goodness because I was ready for the second shift to relieve me.

While Daddy was lying on the floor and playing with Avery, she put a blanket on him and started to play some bedtime lullabies on one of her music books.

We wanted an easy dinner tonight, so we went with a frozen pizza.

Pizza is one of Avery's favorite foods!

After dinner, Daddy and Avery played with a felt farm book. This book has felt farm animals that your put in different pictures throughout the book.

Then it was time to empty the dishwasher.

All through dinner, we heard a lot of thunder. Just before it was time to get Avery ready for bed, we finally heard the rain.

It's been so dry lately that we were really excited to hear rain on the roof. So we went out on the front porch to watch the storm.

Avery found a "little leaf" and an ant. She loves the great outdoors!

Today was the most difficult day of this Week in the Life project for me. I felt awful and just wasn't into it today. But I think I still documented our day.

I'm really excited to document some fun things this weekend. See you tomorrow!