30 June 2011


The walls are painted! The color turned out great. It's just what we wanted. The gray really makes the white tub pop. And I know it will be easy to change the look of the room with different colored accessories whenever we're ready for a change. We chose to paint the ceiling a slightly lighter shade of gray, but you really can't tell a difference.

The flooring is sitting in the garage right now. So we assume that it will be laid tomorrow.

29 June 2011

28 June 2011

That's more like it!

Now this is what the bathtub surround is supposed to look like! The wrong surround was removed yesterday without any difficulties and was replaced with the correct one.

I definitely prefer these faux tiles over the smooth walls that were incorrectly installed.

Besides the new surround, more drywall has been installed.

Now we're back on track. Whew! What a relief!

26 June 2011

Marketing 101

As the final project for my marketing class, I was asked to create a fictional product and a plan to market it. I have had a genius idea (just ask me) for a long time. This was the perfect opportunity to present it to the world.

My product is designed to eliminate broadcasters from sports television programming. However, the stadium sounds would still come through the television. Customers still would be able to take in the ambiance of the arena without listening to annoying sports commentators who like to hear themselves talk.

Part of my marketing plan includes a commercial introducing the product. Enjoy the commercial and let me know if you'd like to invest in this exciting new opportunity (only half kidding)!

25 June 2011

Shower saga

Thankfully, our contractor was able to fix our bathtub surround unit situation. When I explained the problem to him yesterday, he was rather surprised and disappointed to learn of the mistake. When he researched the problem, he discovered that the plumbing supply store wrote our order incorrectly. I know for certain that I told them the correct item!

The manufacturer said it would be about a three-week wait for the correct unit. But our contractor found a surplus one available in downtown Indy. So he picked it up himself and delivered it to our house. He'll take out the wrong unit and replace it with the correct one on Monday.

We're so glad he was able to fix the problem pretty quickly and easily. We could have lived with the smooth walls if we had to. But we really prefer the look of the faux-tiled walls. So I guess all's well again.

But Avery will have to keep bumming baths off her grandparents for a little while longer!

24 June 2011

Good news, bad news

The good news first.

The exhaust fan and light were installed today...

...along with the bathtub surround and faucet.

The bad news: It's the wrong surround. The style is correct, with the shelves in the corner. But the walls are smooth.

They're supposed to look like this.

We've been pretty frustrated and disappointed with this entire remodeling process, which is entering its fourth week today. And coming home to this yesterday only magnified our stress. We'll talk to our contractor today and figure out how to remedy this situation. I hope it won't be a difficult fix.

23 June 2011

Family VBS 2011: Night Four


We're breathing a sigh of relief now since tonight was the last night for VBS. Yes, this was a wonderful week, and we can tell that Avery really enjoyed her first year at VBS. But each night was a little more hectic. That's why VBS lasts for only a week!

Mommaw Clark joined us tonight to experience this unique event.

What's a night at VBS without singing, dancing and shouting?

After four days of listening to Mary's stories about Jesus, Rabbi Rich Nye finally realized that all of the things she said about Jesus are true!

First up, we went to The Bead Bazaar. We thought Avery would enjoy making another necklace. The citizens in The Bead Bazaar told us about all of the uses for beads in biblical times, like currency, decorations on clothing and as part of rituals and ceremonies.

I think Avery was overstimulated from the week's activities because she just wasn't as into this as we thought she'd be. She threaded a few beads to sparsely decorate two necklaces, but then she gave up.

How many hands does it take to thread plastic beads on a necklace?

Here is one of the finished necklaces.

After visiting The Snack Shack, we spent our final shekel at The Hebrew Home. Here Avery made a tzedakah box for collecting offerings for church.

She loved using the markers to decorate the wood. Then Daddy carefully assembled the box. And we forgot to take a picture of the final product!

All in all, we had an awesome time this week. And I think Avery will have fond memories of VBS. Hopefully she'll be this excited to go again next year!

22 June 2011

Family VBS 2011: Night Three

Chris was in charge of the audiovisual component of our VBS experience tonight. I hope you enjoy a slightly different perspective...and seeing me in some pictures!

Tonight Mary explained Passover and her memories of finding the young Jesus teaching in the temple after a Passover celebration.

This is where we have Bible Time Live each evening. Normally this is where the older children have their worship time each Sunday morning. It's always painted to look like this!

Avery loved singing and dancing with her friends Kayla and Maren tonight.

The first "store" we visited tonight was The Food Market. Sam explained the types of foods people ate in Nazareth and how they cooked and stored food. Then we got to sample some of the foods.

Avery and I enjoyed dried cranberries, dried cherries and chocolate-covered raisins. I'm sure they didn't have chocolate-covered anything in biblical times, but apparently chocolate-covered raisins are our senior pastor's favorite snack. So that's how they ended up on the menu.

Avery dipped some leavened bread in olive oil and spices. But she wouldn't eat it. Then we also ate some fresh fruit, like grapes, melons and pineapple.

Finally, we visited The Wool Shop. Here we made felted soap.

We learned that the felt on the soap served two purposes: It helped the soap stay together (since soap at that time wasn't as compact as our commercial bars of soap are today), and it helped exfoliate the skin.

This was my least favorite shop so far. It was a little boring for both me and Avery. But she already said that she wants to use the soap herself.

Tomorrow is the last night of VBS. I hope Avery has enjoyed this week as much as Chris and I have!

21 June 2011

Family VBS 2011: Night Two

Tonight was a little more chaotic. Daddy went to his own school tonight, so Grandma Hromada joined Avery and me at VBS.

After Bible Time Live, the first shop we visited in the Marketplace was The Rock Quarry. We learned a little bit about gems and stones. Then Avery dug through the rocks to find a colored gem and a cross-shaped gem. She threaded these gems onto a cord to make a necklace.

Our last stop was The Sheepfold. Here Avery made a sheep with the shape of her hand. She wasn't very cooperative when I tried to take her picture with her sheep. She was too busy watching all of the children walking by.

It was another fun night at "Bible school!"

20 June 2011

Family VBS 2011: Night One

Ever since our church remodeled its children's department into Bibleopolis a few years ago, we haven't had the appropriate space to host our traditional Vacation Bible School activities (where thousands of children and adults participated each year). Instead, we now offer a family VBS. The goal is to get families to participate and learn together.

We think Avery is old enough to enjoy it this year. So we're going to VBS together this week!

This year's theme is Hometown Nazareth. We'll travel through Jesus' hometown and learn about the city where Jesus lived as a child.

Each night starts with Bible Time Live. This includes worship, games and dramas. After BTL, we'll travel through Nazareth by visiting shops in the Marketplace. We received 10 shekels to "spend" throughout the week. (It costs one shekel for our family to visit each shop.)

Our first visit tonight was to The Farmers' Field. Here we learned about the types of crops grown in Nazareth and tried a few foods made with those crops.

Avery very willingly ate a Fig Newton and even was brave enough to try a date, which she may have thought was an enormous raisin.

Then she and Daddy planted some grass seeds in a cup...

...and watered them.

Up next was The Woodworker Shop. Some citizens of Nazareth explained how they build furniture, toys and more with wood and stone. Then Avery made her own sheep pull toy and enjoyed her first attempt with paint.

Daddy had a good time with his girl!

And here are a few videos of Avery making her toy masterpiece:

I guess she's only seen us use cotton balls on our faces!

Avery had a blast! She was "so excited" about "Bible school" all day. And as we were driving home tonight, she asked to "go back to Bible school." We told her that she had to wait until tomorrow night!

16 June 2011


Right now, we're in the slow stage of the bathroom remodel. We're waiting for the the bathtub surround, vanity and sinktop to deliver from their manufacturers. So our contractor worked on the drywall this week. He also reinstalled the recessed lights that were previously over the sink.

As he installed the bathtub, our contractor noticed that the floor joists under the tub were starting to split. We definitely need those to help support the weight of the tub! So this week he repaired the floor joists by reinforcing them with some concrete footings.

We expect the bathtub surround to be delivered and installed any day now. It's frustrating that we can't do anything until the manufacturers deliver the items!