30 October 2010

The last hurrah

It was a beautiful day for Chris' final soccer game! Avery, my parents and Chris' parents all made the trek to watch Chris do a sideline of one of the boys' games. Four of Chris' crewmates were on the same girls' game at 10 a.m. The fifth was on a different girls' game also at 10 a.m. So Chris got to watch all of them. Then they stayed to root for Chris at his game. Here are Chris and his fellow officials checking out the field before the game.
Everyone stood at midfield following the team introductions.
Just before the game started, Chris had to look for Avery in the stands.
Then he gave her lots of big smiles and a few waves.
Look at Chris in action!
And here is Chris' final moment on the field.

Avery was the most excited as Chris walked out on the field at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, I was taking "real" pictures and didn't have the video camera ready. But she'll tell you who's on the field.

And here she is enjoying the action of the game while eating some snacks.

27 October 2010

History repeats itself

At the beginning of this soccer season, Chris committed to "retiring" when the season was over. He's really enjoyed these nine years of officiating and has made some great friends, too. His crew of nine officials has really grown together, and I can tell that they love doing games together.
Several of the other members of the crew are retiring this year as well. But Chris is the youngest one by far.
So Chris went through the season and enjoyed every game, knowing he was approaching the end of his career. He had hoped to get a sectional assignment (the first round of the post-season tournament) and was excited when he found out that he was appointed head referee at his sectional. He was pleased to move on to regionals, the next round, but was a little frustrated with his fellow officials there. But in the end he was happy with his own performance. Then he was pleasantly surprised to receive a semi-state assignment for last weekend. After those exciting games there, Chris said he would be happy to end his career that way.
But then he received a state assignment!
This marks his third state appearance in four years. What a way to end his soccer career! And an extra bonus -- out of the 24 officials assigned to state, six of them are from Chris' crew! Everyone is thrilled about the crew's success. What a great group of guys!
So now we wait to hear if Chris will have a morning game or an evening game. Then when he arrives on Saturday, he'll find out which game he will officiate.
The only thing different about this year's state games compared to the previous two is that Avery will be sitting next to me in the stands! She's even been practicing her cheer -- "Go go, Daddy!"

19 October 2010

17 October 2010

The pumpkin patch

When the weather started to turn cool (finally...after such a miserably hot summer), I was debating whether it was worth taking Avery to a pumpkin patch. So when my mom said she wanted to take Avery to Waterman's Farm Market and invited me to tag along, I figured it would be fun to go out as just us girls. The admission fee included several activities and a hayride to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, most of the activities were for older kids, and there were plenty of kids around that day on school field trips. So we just walked around to check out everything before our hayride.

Avery was ready for her first hayride. She even knew enough to grab a handful of hay and throw it at me!

The pumpkin patch had a lot of great-looking pumpkins.
But we found two perfectly round Avery-sized pumpkins. We took one home, and Grandma kept one at her house for Avery.
This is her new grin for the camera. Yes, it's cute, but I just want a regular smile for her pictures!
Ahhh, that's better.
Before we left, we had to let Avery experience her first pony ride.
She looks so tiny on that pony!
She was a little nervous at first, but she didn't freak out at all. It probably helped that Grandma walked with her.
She's got quite a death grip on that saddle. And an intense look on her face.
In the coming years, I hope Avery doesn't ask us for equestrian lessons. Those could be very pricey! After the pumpkin patch, we enjoyed lunch at Grandma's house. Then we headed home for Avery's daily nap. But she couldn't wait till we got home to go to sleep.
This was what I saw in the rear view mirror all the way home.

11 October 2010

A day off with Daddy - Part 2

This day deserved two posts! Our afternoon was filled with more outdoor play. It was such a beautiful day here! First up was golf:
Then basketball, of course:
Finally, we just played in the leaves:
We hope everyone else also had a great start to the week!

A day off with Daddy

Chris took the day off today to use up some vacation time before the end of the year. So far, we've just relaxed at home and played a lot with Avery. Our playing included coloring...
...and playing outside, including going down the slide.

Don't you love her commentary on the loud kids in the yard behind us? :o) I guess our morning activities wore out Chris and Avery because they're both napping right now!