21 August 2010

Eighteen months old

Avery and I did a whole lot of nothing today while Chris was reffing soccer games. We didn't do anything to "celebrate" her 18-month birthday, but we thought you'd like to see some new pictures of our precious girl. So here are some fresh pictures from today, in honor of our 18-month-old toddler!

This is what she does when we ask her to show us her teeth.

She almost always sits with her legs crossed at the ankles like this. She looks too much like a big girl in this position! And here's a video of Avery cleaning up her toys before bath time:

20 August 2010

19 August 2010

Our first date

Nine years ago today, I met the man of my dreams face to face. After e-mailing each other for a couple of weeks then talking on the phone a few times, we finally met each other. For several years, my sister and I went together to the finals of the RCA Tennis Championships. She must have been back at college that weekend in August 2001, since she couldn't come with me to the finals. So instead, I invited Chris to go with me. I was excited to see Patrick Rafter, one of my favorite players, play in the finals. Thank goodness he won, but it was only because his opponent retired due to an injury. After a short 19-minute match, I wasn't ready for our date to be over. We were having too much fun! We stuck around for a little of the doubles finals match. But then Chris suggested that we go see his nearly built house (which I never expected to became our first home together). It still was too early in the day to leave each other, so I invited him to my apartment to watch a movie. After that we went to dinner and finally said goodbye. And the rest is history, right?! Look how far we've come! Unfortunately, recently it was announced that IUPUI will demolish the Indianapolis Tennis Center to make room for an expansion to the nearby NCAA headquarters. How sad that soon we'll no longer be able to see the place where we shared our first date. But what great memories we have of that special day and that special place.

17 August 2010

Man v. Food

Awhile ago, Chris and I stumbled upon a great show on the Travel Channel called Man v. Food. The host, Adam Richman, travels across the U.S., enjoying great local cuisine -- usually at mom and pop sorts of places. He always has an entertaining way of describing the food. He also attempts to complete some sort of eating competition in each episode. Adam says he's not a competitive eater but simply enjoys good food. Last week while watching a preview for tomorrow's episode, we discovered that it's all about Indianapolis! We never heard about the visit from the local media. If we had, we would have gone to meet Adam at Gray Brothers Cafeteria, just a stone's throw from us in Mooresville! We think you'll like this show, too. So be sure to set your DVR for tomorrow's episode!

12 August 2010