16 May 2010

A few milestones

1. As Daddy mentions in this video, Avery's newest "trick" is climbing up the small steps on our front porch. 2. Avery has two more teeth, one on the top and one on the bottom. That makes a total of six teeth. 3. She has been saying "da da" a lot lately, not only to Chris but to everyone and everything. But Chris insists that she says it differently to her. I guess I'll have to agree and admit that "Da Da" was her first word.

Bath time, in three parts

Avery loves bath nights. There's a whole process to taking a bath. First it starts with the bath announcement. Then she walks to the bathroom and helps fill up the bathtub.

Next comes the fun part: Washing, splashing, drinking the water and general jocularity. Typically, Mommy and Daddy end up wetter than Avery after the bath. But this time, she was kind to us and didn't splash too much. After the bath, we clean Avery's ears and brush her teeth, which pretty much is her favorite part. And finally, we put on Avery's pajamas, read a few books then go to sleep. She probably wishes every night was bath night!