09 April 2010

Final Four Excitement

Just after Bulter had defeated Michigan State in the Semi-Finals, 52-50.
Prior to the Butler vs. Michigan State game on Saturday.
Warm-ups on Saturday.
National Anthem on Saturday.
View from our seats as we arrived.
After Bulter earned their way to the Final Four in Indianapolis, Dad and I decided we would just have to find a way to get tickets. Thanks to ebay and my obsession researching seats we found decent seats for a reasonable price. Thus, dad and I spent last Saturday and Monday night at Lucas Oil stadium. Saturday was great but Monday was the best atmosphere I have ever been involved in. The crowd was electric and the game was fantastic. Even though Butler lost, it was a very memorable experience and it was great to share it with my dad.
Before the Final Monday night, dad and I snuck down as close as we could get to the floor for this picture.
Monday Night, just before the start of the National Championship Game.
National Anthem on Monday night.


BelgiumBound said...

How fun! Kent was probably the only other person that could compete with your excitement as it's his Alma mater, just so sad they lost. Tell the family we said, "hi!".
Kent and Amber