14 April 2010

Fist pound

This week, Avery started "asking" for a fist pound. She presents a fist, and we bump it back. It's really adorable. I just wish I knew where she learned it!

Queen of the outdoors

Avery has always liked being outdoors. So when the weather turned so nice lately, she wanted to be outside even more. She tells us to take her outside by standing at the front door and pointing and grunting. And we're usually happy to comply. We want her to like playing outside. It's one reason we live on a quiet, tree-lined court! One of the downsides to playing outside: getting our clothes dirty.
Thank goodness our house's previous owners had such green thumbs. They planted some wonderful perennial plants that now we get to enjoy each spring and summer.
Avery loves touching the flowers.
At first, Avery was rather timid about walking on the driveway and sidewalk. But she's getting better. The grass is another story. She doesn't like walking in the grass yet. But she'll sit in the grass and play.
Daddy had some fun tossing Avery in the air.
I think Avery liked it, too!
One of the things we do outside is play with balls. Daddy will shoot baskets, and Avery will laugh and clap for him. Or Avery will play "catch" with Daddy by passing a basketball, tennis ball or soccer ball back and forth. She even knows where we keep the balls in the garage and walks straight to them when she's ready to play. I guess we have another sports fanatic in the making!

Lip-smacking goodness

Avery has quite an appetite. I don't think there's any food she doesn't like. And it's really fun to watch her eat something she enjoys. So here's a post full of pictures of Avery eating yummy foods. Just like her mommy, Avery already has a sweet tooth. She loves all sorts of fruits, graham crackers and even cookies. (But let it be known that Daddy was the first person to give her a cookie a few weeks ago!)

She tries very hard to be neat.

Anyone want a kiss?

Oui, oui, mademoiselle.

Look at that happy face!

I consider myself a pretty neat person. So sometimes it's hard to let Avery get messy while she eats. But I know it's all in the name of fun and childhood experiences. Besides, she washes up pretty easily!

One of Avery's favorite things to eat is grilled cheese sandwiches. We started by giving her a few bites of a sandwich then half a sandwich. Now she eats an entire sandwich by herself, plus some other bite-sized foods. Chris had to capture her eating a sandwich on video:

Playing catch-up

Life has been pretty crazy lately, so we've taken an unintentional break from the blogging world. But the only good thing is that you'll get several picture- and video-heavy posts in the next few minutes!

09 April 2010

Final Four Excitement

Just after Bulter had defeated Michigan State in the Semi-Finals, 52-50.
Prior to the Butler vs. Michigan State game on Saturday.
Warm-ups on Saturday.
National Anthem on Saturday.
View from our seats as we arrived.
After Bulter earned their way to the Final Four in Indianapolis, Dad and I decided we would just have to find a way to get tickets. Thanks to ebay and my obsession researching seats we found decent seats for a reasonable price. Thus, dad and I spent last Saturday and Monday night at Lucas Oil stadium. Saturday was great but Monday was the best atmosphere I have ever been involved in. The crowd was electric and the game was fantastic. Even though Butler lost, it was a very memorable experience and it was great to share it with my dad.
Before the Final Monday night, dad and I snuck down as close as we could get to the floor for this picture.
Monday Night, just before the start of the National Championship Game.
National Anthem on Monday night.