03 March 2010

12-month appointment

Yesterday Avery had her 12-month doctor's appointment. Her stats: Weight - 19 pounds, 3 ounces (still in the 25th percentile) Length - 27.5 inches (10th percentile) Head circumference - unknown inches (10th percentile) I almost made the nurse measure Avery's length again because I can't believe she's grown nearly two inches in only two months! She also got several shots and a prick on the finger to test for anemia (a standard test at the 12-month visit). She took the shots like a champ. Thank goodness we're done with the vaccinations until she enters kindergarten! And the anemia results were great. So I guess she's getting all of the right nutrition from eating table foods. As usual, I talked to the doctor the most about eating. (I think I'll forever be concerned that Avery's eating enough food. But I guess that's what a mother is supposed to do!) We're in the process of transitioning Avery from formula to cow's milk. The doctor also wants her to stop using a bottle by her next appointment at 15 months. I think she'll be on 100 percent cow's milk and off the bottle within a few weeks. She's not having any problems with cow's milk. That's a good thing because we drink a lot of milk around here! And one more update. Avery now has four teeth: her top front teeth and her bottom front teeth. They look so big in her little mouth! And she looks so much more like a toddler now. Yes, I'm still trying to get pictures of those adorable teeth. But I think it's going to take four or five people to help me accomplish that task!