15 March 2010

One small step for Avery...

For a few days, Avery has been taking one or two steps then falling down on the floor. Finally on Saturday, she took four or five steps, walking directly from me to Chris. Since then, she's taken more and more steps at a time. She's also very close to standing on her own. So I guess it's time for me to admit that Avery is a walker!

We need your help. Vote for Avery!

I recently entered an online contest for a nursey photo shoot. I know that Avery's nursery isn't the most fancy or beautiful nursery in the world, but it's a very special place to us. So I was a litle surprised that Avery's nursery made the cut! Please go vote for Nursery Three at the Kristi Hibbetts Photography blog. You can vote once a day, but hurry! The deadline is Sunday, March 22. Thanks in advance for your votes! :o)

09 March 2010

03 March 2010

12-month appointment

Yesterday Avery had her 12-month doctor's appointment. Her stats: Weight - 19 pounds, 3 ounces (still in the 25th percentile) Length - 27.5 inches (10th percentile) Head circumference - unknown inches (10th percentile) I almost made the nurse measure Avery's length again because I can't believe she's grown nearly two inches in only two months! She also got several shots and a prick on the finger to test for anemia (a standard test at the 12-month visit). She took the shots like a champ. Thank goodness we're done with the vaccinations until she enters kindergarten! And the anemia results were great. So I guess she's getting all of the right nutrition from eating table foods. As usual, I talked to the doctor the most about eating. (I think I'll forever be concerned that Avery's eating enough food. But I guess that's what a mother is supposed to do!) We're in the process of transitioning Avery from formula to cow's milk. The doctor also wants her to stop using a bottle by her next appointment at 15 months. I think she'll be on 100 percent cow's milk and off the bottle within a few weeks. She's not having any problems with cow's milk. That's a good thing because we drink a lot of milk around here! And one more update. Avery now has four teeth: her top front teeth and her bottom front teeth. They look so big in her little mouth! And she looks so much more like a toddler now. Yes, I'm still trying to get pictures of those adorable teeth. But I think it's going to take four or five people to help me accomplish that task!