24 February 2010

Cake: The photos

We went with a jungle animal theme. It really was the only party set we liked, but it was very appropriate since Avery loves animals. Of course the cake had to match the theme. So I started looking for animal cake ideas online. After I decided that I wanted Avery to have a cupcake (large enough to enjoy it, small enough not to make a huge mess!), I decided to make cupcakes for everyone else, too. My mom, sister and I made three different cupcakes:

monkeys, tigers, and lions. I was proud of our decorating skills, and of course the cupcakes tasted very yummy, too!

Now, on to the fun stuff!

The before picture. She didn't mind everyone singing Happy Birthday to her at all.
She was a little timid at first. But that's the way she usually eats, so I wasn't surprised that she just poked the cupcake in the beginning.
Pretty soon, she jumped right in. She even picked up the cupcake and bit into it, her first time to do that with any food.
We didn't even have to give her a bath like we expected!


Corie said...

Awesome job on the cupcakes, Teresa! I love the lion, especially! :o) And it looks like little Avery enjoys a little chocolate. Can't blame her! :o)