24 February 2010

Family pictures

About 20 of Avery's closest friends and family helped her celebrate her birthday. (We missed our long-distance family members. We wish you weren't so far away!) But we only got pictures of the grandparents and Aunt Karen. We tried getting her to put up her ONE finger in all of the pictures. But by that point, Avery was done smiling and posing!

The gifts

Avery received many fun and useful gifts.
A children's Bible from Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Pauline.
Lots of clothes from nearly everyone! That's good because she's quickly outgrowing her clothes.
A vacuum cleaner from Grandma and Grandpa Hromada. If only it really vacuumed our floors then Avery could help me with the housework!
A basketball goal from Mommy and Daddy. As much as we didn't want to buy her any more toys, Daddy (and Mommy, too) couldn't resist buying her first child-sized basketball goal.
A princess car from Mommaw and Poppaw Clark.
And Grandma Hromada provided the birthday girl's shirt while Aunt Karen provided the adorable tu-tu-like skirt with leggings.

Cake: The photos

We went with a jungle animal theme. It really was the only party set we liked, but it was very appropriate since Avery loves animals. Of course the cake had to match the theme. So I started looking for animal cake ideas online. After I decided that I wanted Avery to have a cupcake (large enough to enjoy it, small enough not to make a huge mess!), I decided to make cupcakes for everyone else, too. My mom, sister and I made three different cupcakes:

monkeys, tigers, and lions. I was proud of our decorating skills, and of course the cupcakes tasted very yummy, too!

Now, on to the fun stuff!

The before picture. She didn't mind everyone singing Happy Birthday to her at all.
She was a little timid at first. But that's the way she usually eats, so I wasn't surprised that she just poked the cupcake in the beginning.
Pretty soon, she jumped right in. She even picked up the cupcake and bit into it, her first time to do that with any food.
We didn't even have to give her a bath like we expected!

21 February 2010

19 February 2010

Last post before she's 1 year old

Here's the last installment of Avery pictures before she turns the big ONE on Sunday. We'll be busy with birthday party preparations tomorrow, so we'll check in again on her milestone birthday.
Hey! I finally got a picture of her looking more like me than Chris! She really resembles me as a baby here.
This is how she asks for a kiss. And someone always complies with her request!
She's getting really good at pushing her walking toys, but I don't think she'll be walking on her own by Sunday.
She can crawl really fast now!

16 February 2010

Enough already!

I don't know about the rest of you Hoosiers, but I'm ready for spring. Yesterday, Indianapolis had a record-setting snow of 6.3 inches. And we've had nearly 16.5 inches of snow this February. (To put it in perspective, we average 6 inches of snow for the entire month of February.) Since Jan. 1, we've received 32 inches of snow, which is 10 inches above normal for this time of year. Lately, there's no time for the snow to melt before another big storm comes through. So we probably have 10 inches of snow on the ground right now. Luckily, the snow hasn't caused us any problems, just inconveniences. I'm thankful that I can work from home when necessary. And it definitely was necessary last Wednesday! It's a good thing that Avery cooperated and let me work while she played and napped that day. And Chris has had his girls' sectional final game postponed several times. Hopefully the game will be played tomorrow night. We do have one thing to look forward to: Chris and I have booked a cruise to celebrate our anniversary. April can't get here soon enough! Here are some pictures of the snow around our house: