03 January 2010

State Road 37 pilgrimmage

As you can imagine, the past two weeks have been filled with all sorts of activity. And I've also tried not to spend too much time on the computer. So we're really behind on our blog posts. That means you'll get about five posts today! A few days before Christmas, we made our second trip to an IU men's basketball game. Avery didn't join us this time, but I'm guessing she'll be there next year. The game started off badly, with IU down 15-0 and then 24-4. They started making a comeback before halftime when the score was 46-28. The second half was very exciting as we watched IU dominate to take the lead. We thought we were witnessing one of the greatest comeback victories in IU history, but things fell apart at the end and the Hoosiers lost 72-67. Here's Chris' summary of the game up to the 3:48 point in the second half:

If you've never been to an IU men's basketball game, one of the highlights of the game is the World's Greatest Timeout during the second half under eight-minute timeout. Chris captured this on video for you to enjoy. I hope you like his singing!

From someone who has only seen mid-major league basketball games in person, I'm in awe of the contrast at a Big Ten game. The atmosphere, players and fans are so much more intense at Big Ten games. Some day I'd like to see IU play another Big Ten team instead of a non-conference team. I'm sure Assembly Hall is a crazy place during the Big Ten season! We hope to continue this annual tradition of traveling to Bloomington as the team starts to improve...and even as ticket prices start to increase again!