21 January 2010

A mealtime song

To make mealtime more fun, Daddy made up this cute song to sing to Avery. He started with the first three verses then eventually added the other two. Avery always reacts this way. I try to sing the song to her when Chris isn't around, but I guess I just don't sing it like Daddy. She doesn't like my rendition quite as much. Enjoy! Avery Bear, Avery Bear Sitting in her big highchair Having some food with her dad Always makes him feel so glad We need another verse to this song Otherwise it's not very long Avery will eat and eat and eat So she can grow to be 5 feet She will eat all sorts of stuff So she can have a big pile of puffs


Rocket Ma'am said...

To the tune of "Allouette":
Ravioli, I love raviolis,
Ravioli, eat 'em every day!
First you eat your raviolis,
then you eat your vegstabolis!

Yeah, being a parent brings out the creative weirdness