03 January 2010

Christmas with the Clarks

Overnight Christmas Eve, Chris got pretty sick. His mom was sick a few days earlier, so we think they shared the same illness. Both of them feeling puny made for a lazy, relaxing Christmas day. Chris, Avery and I started the day by reading Luke's account of the Christmas story then opening presents. Since Chris wasn't feeling well, he was the official photographer.

Chris found a sippy cup with Avery's name on it. We don't find many things personalized with her name, so he had to buy it!

Santa brought Avery several books, including Green Eggs and Ham, her first Dr. Seuss book.

Chris had to buy Avery her first pair of Nike tennis shoes!

He got a big enough size for her to wear them for a long time.

Later Christmas morning, Mommaw and Poppaw Clark came over. Mommaw wasn't completely recovered from her illness, so she and Chris relaxed while Poppaw and I made breakfast. After breakfast, we all took a much-needed and long nap. So we waited to open gifts until mid-afternoon.

Again, look at that pile of gifts!

Uncle Casey and Aunt Elvie sent a beautiful kimono from Japan.

A few days later, we took some pictures of Avery wearing the kimono. While it may not have been a full and busy Christmas day, it still was a great day with family.