26 January 2010

21 January 2010

A mealtime song

To make mealtime more fun, Daddy made up this cute song to sing to Avery. He started with the first three verses then eventually added the other two. Avery always reacts this way. I try to sing the song to her when Chris isn't around, but I guess I just don't sing it like Daddy. She doesn't like my rendition quite as much. Enjoy! Avery Bear, Avery Bear Sitting in her big highchair Having some food with her dad Always makes him feel so glad We need another verse to this song Otherwise it's not very long Avery will eat and eat and eat So she can grow to be 5 feet She will eat all sorts of stuff So she can have a big pile of puffs

18 January 2010

Practicing her walking skills

Avery got two walking toys for Christmas to help her practice standing and walking. Here she is tonight with one of the toys. Who knew she'd walk so well so quickly! She's only been crawling for a few weeks, and now she's trying to walk. Mommy and Daddy aren't ready for this!

06 January 2010

Nine-month appointment

Today Avery had her nine-month doctor's appointment (but she's actually more than 10 months old!). Here are her stats: Weight - 18 pounds, 6 ounces (still in the 25th percentile) Length - 25.75 inches (unknown percentile) Head circumference - 16.25 inches (unknown percentile) She may be little, but she is steadily growing in every area! In fact, we recently measured her against our friends' three-month-old son, Jack, and she's only slightly longer than him! We were most concerned about her eating; we just want to be sure we're giving her enough food. The doctor assured us that she's eating enough and she's eating the correct types of food. So we'll just keep doing what we're doing!

03 January 2010

She's a mover and a shaker

She's a mover... December 22, 2009 -- a date which will live in infamy. The Clark family's life changed forever. Avery started crawling.

And here's the video proof!

Sometimes, instead of crawling, she'll do what we call rowing. It looks like she's rowing a canoe! (Yes, she was bribed with the remote control. She loves that thing! She got a Sesame Street one for Christmas, but I think she prefers the real thing instead.)

She had been very close to crawling for a long time. She just couldn't quite figure it out. Then Mommaw Clark put some cereal puffs on the floor, and I guess that was the only motivation Avery needed. She crawled across the room, right to those puffs. A few days after that, she crawled slowly and carefully. But then she really started moving and has been crawling like a champ ever since. She also enjoys standing up against the furniture, even though she can't pull herself up yet, and walking while holding our hands. So it probably won't be long before she's walking by herself. I guess it's time to officially Avery-proof the house!

...and a shaker. During Christmastime, Grandma and Grandpa Hromada's home has included several musical stuffed animals. Avery not only has learned to push the buttons to turn the music on and off but also has started to dance to the music. It's quite entertaining to watch her. But it gets rather annoying when she lines up all three musical toys and pushes their buttons so they're all playing at the same time. I don't know how Grandma Hromada stayed sane while watching Avery during the weekdays this month!

Here's one example, Rudolph and Avery dancing to the Benny Hill theme song.

I was trying to capture her dancing with this Snoopy doll, but she wouldn't comply. Instead, she just smiled and made some cute sounds.

Christmas with the Pevler and Bartley families

The last Christmas celebration of the year (and at our house!) was with Chris' extended family on both the Pevler and Clark sides.

Can you tell that she doesn't mind having a bow on her head? We got a lot of pictures of her like this!

I learned a few things after enjoying so many family Christmas celebrations this year: 1) While hosting three events in three days is a lot of work and preparation, I love hosting our families in our home. 2) Avery doesn't mind crowds of people, especially her crazy family! and 3) There are many, many people in our lives who love Avery to pieces and bless her with love, kisses and gifts. We're thankful for all of these people!

Christmas with the Rork family

The day after Christmas, we celebrated with my extended family. This family Christmas is always filled with food, games and fun!

We tried Wii this year. And even Grandma got in on the action. She got pretty good, too, making lots of strikes and spares in bowling.

Those who didn't want to play or watch others play Wii enjoyed Chris' Pop-a-Shot. And here are some sweet pictures of Avery with the Christmas tree. While she was very mesmerized by the lights and ornaments, she didn't bother the tree too much. But I think she liked the texture of the branches!

Christmas with the Clarks

Overnight Christmas Eve, Chris got pretty sick. His mom was sick a few days earlier, so we think they shared the same illness. Both of them feeling puny made for a lazy, relaxing Christmas day. Chris, Avery and I started the day by reading Luke's account of the Christmas story then opening presents. Since Chris wasn't feeling well, he was the official photographer.

Chris found a sippy cup with Avery's name on it. We don't find many things personalized with her name, so he had to buy it!

Santa brought Avery several books, including Green Eggs and Ham, her first Dr. Seuss book.

Chris had to buy Avery her first pair of Nike tennis shoes!

He got a big enough size for her to wear them for a long time.

Later Christmas morning, Mommaw and Poppaw Clark came over. Mommaw wasn't completely recovered from her illness, so she and Chris relaxed while Poppaw and I made breakfast. After breakfast, we all took a much-needed and long nap. So we waited to open gifts until mid-afternoon.

Again, look at that pile of gifts!

Uncle Casey and Aunt Elvie sent a beautiful kimono from Japan.

A few days later, we took some pictures of Avery wearing the kimono. While it may not have been a full and busy Christmas day, it still was a great day with family.

Christmas with the Hromadas

Our first Christmas celebration was with Grandma and Grandpa Hromada and Aunt Karen on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed dinner together, opened gifts and played Wii and a new board game. Yes, all of these gifts belonged to Avery!
You'll see several pictures of Avery trying to open gifts. She loved pulling and eating the paper but wasn't very excited about the gifts themselves. And here are two videos for our fans in Boise. We promise to take pictures after we hang the letters in Avery's room.

After all this excitement, we still managed to go to the 11 p.m. Christmas Eve service at church. We hoped that Avery would sleep through the entire service. Instead, she woke up just before the service started and was ready to play! She was very well behaved, but she made me extra thankful that we have a nursery and don't keep her with us during church every week!

State Road 37 pilgrimmage

As you can imagine, the past two weeks have been filled with all sorts of activity. And I've also tried not to spend too much time on the computer. So we're really behind on our blog posts. That means you'll get about five posts today! A few days before Christmas, we made our second trip to an IU men's basketball game. Avery didn't join us this time, but I'm guessing she'll be there next year. The game started off badly, with IU down 15-0 and then 24-4. They started making a comeback before halftime when the score was 46-28. The second half was very exciting as we watched IU dominate to take the lead. We thought we were witnessing one of the greatest comeback victories in IU history, but things fell apart at the end and the Hoosiers lost 72-67. Here's Chris' summary of the game up to the 3:48 point in the second half:

If you've never been to an IU men's basketball game, one of the highlights of the game is the World's Greatest Timeout during the second half under eight-minute timeout. Chris captured this on video for you to enjoy. I hope you like his singing!

From someone who has only seen mid-major league basketball games in person, I'm in awe of the contrast at a Big Ten game. The atmosphere, players and fans are so much more intense at Big Ten games. Some day I'd like to see IU play another Big Ten team instead of a non-conference team. I'm sure Assembly Hall is a crazy place during the Big Ten season! We hope to continue this annual tradition of traveling to Bloomington as the team starts to improve...and even as ticket prices start to increase again!