23 December 2009

An exciting change

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I desperately wanted to work part time so I could get the best of both worlds -- spending a few days each week at home with the baby while still having a separate life away from the baby. I casually looked for a part-time job, but it was hard to find something that fit my personal criteria for the ideal job. So recently when my closest friend, Marena, told me about a potential part-time position that would be available in January in her office, I was intrigued. I sent my resume as she requested, but I didn't think much of it. In my past experience, "January" could really mean "April" or "May." But only a few days later, the grand recorder (the head honcho at the office) requested a phone interview with me then an in-person interview later that week where he officially offered me the position. And I happily accepted his offer! So I'll start my new job on Jan. 4 at Alpha Chi Sigma, a professional fraternity for chemists. I'll be working in member communications, especially the Web site, newsletters and coordinating tasks with the member chapters. I'll work 20 hours a week, which I probably will break up into two days one week and three days the following week. After I learn everything about the position, I'll also have the opportunity to work from home occasionally. I'm so excited to still work in writing and communications, which are my greatest passions, but in a different industry. And I'm looking forward to working outside of health care since that's all I've known for the past 10 years! I've truly enjoyed the past six and a half years that I've served in my current job at St. Francis, especially all the great people I've met. But now is the time to get a fresh start at a new company. Health care marketing is an extremely competitive field, especially in the Indianapolis market. And lately I've really felt the pressures of working in this industry. I even was beginning to wonder if I was cut out for this cutthroat and stressful business. But then this amazing opportunity came along, and now I know I've made the right decision for me and our family. It's amazing how God works in the lives of His children and blesses our obedience. For more than a year, I've been praying not only for the right part-time position to be available at the right time but also for patience, joy and peace throughout the entire situation. He's given me all of that and more! I'm thrilled at how He's provided an extremely flexible job in a low-stress office with a small staff of people with whom I think I'll enjoy working. Plus I get to work with my best friend! I clearly see God's hand moving in this situation. I plan to really relax and enjoy the next 10 days before I start my new job. What great timing to be able to spend the holidays not worrying about work! The Clark household has yet another reason to praise God during this special Christmas season!


Corie said...

It truly does sound like the perfect opportunity! Part-time is wonderful. Hope you love your new job!