19 November 2009

Presidential congratulations

We are the farthest thing from Obama fans. But after Avery was born, I couldn't help but submit a request for a greeting card from President Obama. (We also received one from President Bush when we were married.) I think it will be a neat memento for Avery to look at in the future. The note says: Welcome to the world! Your arrival is a cause for great celebration for your proud family. We wish you a long and happy life filled with chances to learn, ideas to explore, people to love, and dreams to fulfill. I'll keep my political comments to myself. :o)


Robbie said...

I did these for both of my kids - political comments aside. ;-)

I ended up scrapbooking them on a page with things about big news items and other details of the year they were born. Just in case you were wondering what to do with it!

Rocket Ma'am said...

I am so tempted, but I will keep my right-wing conspiracy comments to myself:o)