28 November 2009

The last milestone of the weekend

The end of November usually signals the beginning of Chris' basketball season. In the past, I've tried to go to as many games as possible, even traveling across the state with Chris. But I think that might be a little more difficult this year with Miss Avery tagging along. I was feeling brave today, so Avery and I went to Daddy's afternoon game, which thank goodness was very close to home. It helped to have four grandparents and one great-aunt helping me carry Avery and all of her accessories and keep her entertained!
She really enjoyed herself and actually watched some of the game.
In fact, the action on the court temporarily distracted her from eating her delicious puffs.
Avery noticed Daddy on the court and waved at him. Unfortunately, he couldn't wave back! :o)
Oh, yeah...and Chris was at the game, too!