22 November 2009

Celebrating a milestone birthday

Last Saturday, we celebrated Chris' dad's 60th birthday at a special surprise party. Not only was the party a surprise for Mike, many of the guests were a surprise, too. Out-of-state guests included Mike's two living brothers, Larry (and wife, Jerri) from Alabama and Charlie from California, as well as niece Kelley and great-niece Tyla from Florida. I still don't know how everyone was able to sneak into town without Mike finding out!

Surprising the guest of honor

Time to eat!
This picture was featured on the invitation and inspired the music-themed party. This is Mike during his radio days in the Air Force. Can you recognize him with all that hair? :o)
Singing to the birthday boy
On Sunday, the party continued when we spent the afternoon with extended family.
Chris, Avery and Uncle Charlie
Avery was not shy about giving lots of smiles to everyone
All of the living Clark siblings: Judi, Charlie, Mike and Larry
Aunt Jerri with Avery