25 November 2009

Avery's first trip to The Children's Museum

Our city is home to the world's greatest children's museum. As lifelong residents of central Indiana, Chris and I have been to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis many times. So we knew Avery would have a good time at her first visit, even though she's pretty young compared to many of the other museum attendees. Our first stop was the Indy 500 race car. I had my picture taken in a similar car when I was about 8 years old. Look at her grab the steering wheel! She knows just what to do. Playscape is a special place for the youngest children. There are lots of activities that the younger kiddos can participate in without competing with the older kids. Once Avery is crawling, we think she'll enjoy Playscape even more. Avery loves turning the lights off at home, so she had to play with this light switch in Playscape, too. A maze of mirrors is on the fourth floor. Avery loves mirrors. She especially loves to kiss the baby in the mirror! What's a trip to The Children's Museum without riding on the carousel? Avery loved the music, the lights and the people on the carousel. And being the mushy, emotional mom that I am, I teared up a little bit because I got to see how delighted she was as she enjoyed her first carousel ride. After Avery turns 2, we'll probably buy a family membership to the museum because we're certain that we'd get our money's worth out of it. But until then, we'll enjoy a few more trips to the museum while Avery gets free admittance!