29 October 2009

No more Fred Mertz pants

After nearly eight months of using cloth diapers almost exclusively, we've decided to move to disposable diapers. The cloth diapers have been wonderful, and the experience was much better than I even expected, thanks to Toasty Baby and its weekly diaper service. (It's funny to think that about a year ago, I had to convince Chris to try cloth diapers. But now he's a firm believer, too!) But recently we've experienced a few problems. One of the main reasons we won't use cloth anymore is the smell of the soiled diapers in the nursery. We've tried several methods to remove or reduce the odor but haven't found one that works well all of the time. The odor is getting too much to bear, and it's probably not good for Avery's lungs either. A cosmetic side effect of the bulky cloth diapers is that Avery's clothes don't fit very well. Many of her pants are too tight around her rear end yet are too long for her legs. It's just not a good fashion statement! Aunt Karen says Avery has Fred Mertz pants. Just take a look at the evidence:

The size and bulk of the cloth diapers also make it difficult to pack and transport them in our diaper bag. While I'm feeling a little guilty about making this change, I know it's the right thing for us right now. We prevented eight months of disposable diapers from going to the landfills, so there's our contribution to a greener environment! I wouldn't hesitate using cloth diapers in the future, especially with a weekly service. If you're considering cloth diapers and live in the Indy area, I can't rave enough about Toasty Baby. They have excellent products, prices and customer service. I'm so glad we found them!