29 October 2009

Capping off the outfit

Besides the Nike thing, Chris also has a hat thing. He loves to wear hats, often making sure they match his outfits. But it's the type of hat that's important, too. He mostly wears hats that support his favorite sports teams. (And I have to admit here that I like to wear hats, too. I'm just not as obsessive about it as Chris!) So when Chris recently found two cheap child-sized hats, he had to buy them for Avery. She probably won't fit into this hat until next football season. But a Colts hat she will outgrow in a few years is a lot less expensive than a Colts jersey-onesie she'll wear for only a few months! Even though this is a cute hat, Daddy will be sure to buy an official cream and crimson hat in the near future! Let's hope Avery likes to wear hats. So far so good!