04 October 2009

Applauding a good doctor's appointment

Yesterday Avery had her six-month doctor's appointment (even though she's well past her six-month birthday!). Here are her stats: Weight - 15 pounds, 10.5 ounces (25th percentile) Length - 24.5 inches (5th percentile) She really shot up the weight chart since our last appointment! Last time, the doctor was concerned about Avery's head size. Even though she still has a pretty small head, the doctor isn't quite as concerned since it definitely is growing. She got her last round of shots until she turns 1 year old. I'm very grateful that the shots don't seem to bother her, but I'm glad we will skip the trauma of the whole process at her nine-month appointment. The doctor said we can start feeding jarred baby food now. So I bought a few different flavors at the grocery. Keep watching the blog over the next few weeks to see what are sure to be some interesting photos and videos of her trying some new foods! The doctor also told us to add childproofing to our to-do list because soon Avery will be crawling and pulling herself up on furniture. As exciting as that will be, I'm just not ready for my little girl to be mobile! Also yesterday, she met a new milestone. She started clapping! But she isn't making any noise yet. It's still very cute to watch her:
This is going to be an exciting week! My aunt and uncle from Boise are coming to visit for a week. We'll be excited to see them, since it's been about three or four years since we last visited them in Boise. But I know the real reason they'll be here is to meet their one and only great-niece!


Rocket Ma'am said...

Teresa's daughter, short? Noooooo! :o) Such a cutie - this is the best age!