13 September 2009

Went fast, turned left. Well...turned left.

Yesterday, I got the chance to fill in for a friend at a charity go-kart race. But I turned into the charity case. While driving between 45 and 50 miles per hour, six inches off the ground and without a seatbelt, I proceeded to crash into the plastic wall during the practice laps. The experience of crashing, combined with the fact that the other three participants in my heat race brought their own helmets, greatly reduced any chance I had of advancing from the heat race to the semifinals. Watch this video of the start. You'll notice the dirty driving of my competitor next to me as he ran me into the hay bale at the start.

My "race" turned into a four-lap parade.

I did have one chance to catch the second- and third-place cars, but I spun out while attempting the pass.

Today I'm glad I'm not a professional race car driver since my entire left side feels like it's been hit with a baseball bat. At least Avery and Teresa enjoyed watching me. And this was Avery's first official motorsport event. Getting ready for the practice laps. Taking my practice laps. Holding off a competitor. Taking the white flag. Relief! The checkered flag. Glad I'm still alive to tell the tale.