30 September 2009

From Japan with love

Recently, Chris' parents had the wonderful opportunity to go to Japan to visit Casey, Elvie and her son Shinya. We really wish we could have tagged along. (Although I'm not sure how I could have survived the 13-hour flight!) But instead, Mike and Connie brought home lots of gifts for us. Connie and Elvie picked out this gorgeous outfit for Avery. I love the colors, especially on her! Look at the beautiful detail. Connie had hoped to find a soft doll for Avery. But instead she found this beautiful wooden doll. One day Avery will appreciate it. Now she just likes to look at the pretty colors. Now, on to our gifts. I got these neat painted chopsticks and holders: And this amazing tea set to add to my tea pot collection. Side note: Isn't it funny how the Japanese included five cups in this set while in the States everything comes in even numbers? I found the perfect spot for these items in my china cabinet. Chris is a sucker for T-shirts and hats. So to add to his Navy apparel collection, he got a Navy T-shirt and a hat from Atsugi, Casey's naval air facility. Chris also got a neat Japan T-shirt. And of course a few sweet treats. An added surprise was a T-shirt for each of us from the Philippines, Elvie's homeland. Casey, Elvie and Shinya: We're sorry we missed this fantastic trip. We miss you terribly and can't wait to see you...hopefully before you leave Japan in two years!