30 September 2009

From Japan with love

Recently, Chris' parents had the wonderful opportunity to go to Japan to visit Casey, Elvie and her son Shinya. We really wish we could have tagged along. (Although I'm not sure how I could have survived the 13-hour flight!) But instead, Mike and Connie brought home lots of gifts for us. Connie and Elvie picked out this gorgeous outfit for Avery. I love the colors, especially on her! Look at the beautiful detail. Connie had hoped to find a soft doll for Avery. But instead she found this beautiful wooden doll. One day Avery will appreciate it. Now she just likes to look at the pretty colors. Now, on to our gifts. I got these neat painted chopsticks and holders: And this amazing tea set to add to my tea pot collection. Side note: Isn't it funny how the Japanese included five cups in this set while in the States everything comes in even numbers? I found the perfect spot for these items in my china cabinet. Chris is a sucker for T-shirts and hats. So to add to his Navy apparel collection, he got a Navy T-shirt and a hat from Atsugi, Casey's naval air facility. Chris also got a neat Japan T-shirt. And of course a few sweet treats. An added surprise was a T-shirt for each of us from the Philippines, Elvie's homeland. Casey, Elvie and Shinya: We're sorry we missed this fantastic trip. We miss you terribly and can't wait to see you...hopefully before you leave Japan in two years!

27 September 2009

22 September 2009

Rolling the other way

This is how I found Avery one recent morning: So I guess she can roll over from her back to her stomach now! We finally witnessed the feat tonight. Now we need to capture it on video for you to see!

Seven months old

It was a little challenging to get this month's photo. Here's the best shot we could get:

While it's not the best picture, it's very appropriate. Lately, Avery loves playing with her socks. So she's always pulling them off like this. And here are some more funny outtakes.

13 September 2009

Translator wanted

Seeking a full-time translator. Must be able to speak baby-ese with the extremely rare Hromada-Clark dialect. Excellent pay and benefits. Submit your resume ASAP as the position will be filled immediately.

Can someone tell us what she's saying, because we're dying to know!

Went fast, turned left. Well...turned left.

Yesterday, I got the chance to fill in for a friend at a charity go-kart race. But I turned into the charity case. While driving between 45 and 50 miles per hour, six inches off the ground and without a seatbelt, I proceeded to crash into the plastic wall during the practice laps. The experience of crashing, combined with the fact that the other three participants in my heat race brought their own helmets, greatly reduced any chance I had of advancing from the heat race to the semifinals. Watch this video of the start. You'll notice the dirty driving of my competitor next to me as he ran me into the hay bale at the start.

My "race" turned into a four-lap parade.

I did have one chance to catch the second- and third-place cars, but I spun out while attempting the pass.

Today I'm glad I'm not a professional race car driver since my entire left side feels like it's been hit with a baseball bat. At least Avery and Teresa enjoyed watching me. And this was Avery's first official motorsport event. Getting ready for the practice laps. Taking my practice laps. Holding off a competitor. Taking the white flag. Relief! The checkered flag. Glad I'm still alive to tell the tale.

04 September 2009

Down the hatch!

Now that Avery is six and a half months old, we've decided to start feeding her rice cereal. Tonight was our first attempt. Not only did she appear to like it, she actually grabbed the spoon and tried to feed herself! Now watch her in action!

So I guess her first tastes of cereal were a success! Hopefully she'll keep enjoying the cereal. (We'll probably wait a couple of months before we feed her any jarred baby food.) And I'm really hoping that the extra boost of calories will help her go back to sleeping through the night!

01 September 2009

Batter up!

We're not really a brand-loyal family. But when it comes to sportswear, Chris insists on Nike all the way. So when I recently made a trip to the outlet mall, I made sure I stopped in the Nike store to buy some onesies for Avery. Here she is wearing her first Nike outfit and also demonstrating her batting stance. She knows that Daddy will have her playing tee ball as soon as she's walking, so she's already preparing for that first season! And there's that smile we love!