24 July 2009

The county fair

Last night, we took Avery to her first Johnson County Fair. She loved all of the new sights and sounds. And since Daddy knows everyone in Johnson County, Avery got to meet a lot of new people as we stopped and talked to several friends. After enjoying the fair's traditional pork sandwiches and FFA ice cream, Daddy showed her the pigs. And Mommy showed her the cows. And this is what happened when we put her back in the stroller after a long and eventful night, even with the noise of the demolition derby serenading her to sleep.

22 July 2009

Five months old

We can't believe that our little girl is 5 months old already! Doesn't she look just like her daddy here? :o) We celebrated her 5-month birthday by taking her to the doctor. Weight - 11 pounds, 9.5 ounces (5th percentile) Length - 23 inches (5th percentile) Head circumference - 15 inches (less than 1 percentile) The doctor wasn't too concerned about her small head. He said we'll keep an eye on it. But since Avery is so petite, it's no surprise that her head is small, too. Plus both of her parents are pea heads! She got three more shots and another oral vaccine. She didn't cry until she was poked with the third needle. I think she finally realized that something wasn't right! After some hysterical crying (a horrible sound we've never heard from her before!), she was back to her old self for the rest of the evening, despite her sore legs. The doctor said we can hold off on solid foods for at least a month. Since she's doing such a great job of eating and gaining weight, we're going to follow his advice. While we think Avery is teething (and has been for about six weeks), the doctor couldn't find any teeth poking through. This teething thing could last for a long time! So we just pray that we can attribute her recent bout of not sleeping through the night to her sore gums. We're so blessed to have such a happy, healthy little girl!

An evening with the Hromadas

We recently spent an evening with Grandma and Grandpa Hromada and Aunt Karen. We had to take advantage of the time together for an Avery photo shoot. No, she's not drunk. She just likes to make weird faces! Aunt Karen was blowing on Avery's legs, trying to get her to smile and giggle. Instead, Avery pulled Karen's hair and made her look silly for trying to get her to laugh! It's hard to believe that Avery is all bundled up in this JULY picture. But we had some cool weather last week, so we had to pull out Avery's pants and sweaters so we could sit on the deck and enjoy the cooler temperatures. I love how Avery brings such joy and huge smiles to her family!

A hunger for reading

Avery and Daddy love reading books together before bed...as long as Avery is in a good mood and willing to sit still for a few minutes! She already has a "hunger" for reading!

New videos

We're running a little behind on blog posts lately. So hopefully these videos will tide you over until later today when we make some more updates! Aunt Karen making Avery giggle Avery trying to eat the camera The next generation of Clark storytellers

08 July 2009

03 July 2009

Avery's first swim

Since Mommaw and Poppaw Clark have a pool, we're hoping that Avery will like to swim (or at least wade, like Mommy). Last weekend, we took Avery for her first swim. She didn't have a big reaction to the water, but we think she enjoyed it! Here's her first dip in the pool:

"Swimming" with Daddy:

It's also a good thing that Avery likes dogs (so far). Because I think Molly and Brady like her, too! She will have two fun playmates in a few years.