21 June 2009

A video star is born

This post is full of Avery videos! (Can you tell that we recently got a new video camera? :o) ) Our little girl is laughing and cooing all of the time now. She also is grabbing toys and other objects and putting everything in her mouth. She loves to stick out her tongue -- constantly -- so that we can hardly get a picture of her with her tongue in her mouth! She's become so strong that we put her in the Bumbo seat this week, and she did a great job holding up herself. She loves playing this fun new game with Daddy. She's rolled over a few times from front to back, but we've yet to capture it on video. In the mean time, we've gotten a lot of other fun videos, including this funny and slightly gross outtake.


Corie said...

She's growing up so fast! Too cute! Thanks for sharing the videos. I wish I were a little better at the videography for my little ones. I've missed a TON of cute moments. Have them all on "film" with my still camera, but their youngest voices are gone forever. You might otherwise have soon forgotten what little Avery's 4-month-old voice sounds like, but since you're prepared, you won't have to worry about that! So keep up the videotaping! That's awesome! :o)