29 June 2009

21 June 2009

A video star is born

This post is full of Avery videos! (Can you tell that we recently got a new video camera? :o) ) Our little girl is laughing and cooing all of the time now. She also is grabbing toys and other objects and putting everything in her mouth. She loves to stick out her tongue -- constantly -- so that we can hardly get a picture of her with her tongue in her mouth! She's become so strong that we put her in the Bumbo seat this week, and she did a great job holding up herself. She loves playing this fun new game with Daddy. She's rolled over a few times from front to back, but we've yet to capture it on video. In the mean time, we've gotten a lot of other fun videos, including this funny and slightly gross outtake.

05 June 2009

01 June 2009

It's out of the park!

Chris' reffing schedule usually keeps him pretty busy from August until March. So he likes to take a break from participating in sports in the summer. (Notice that I said "participating." You know that he never really takes a break from sports altogether!) But this year he decided to join his dad on his church softball team. Chris was so excited to play that he bought a new shirt, to display the team's color, as well as some sexy black knee-high socks. He was quite stylin'. He was appointed to be the pitcher and may serve in this role for the whole season.

Mike is playing in the outfield. Once he recovers from his recent eye surgery, he'll proudly take his place back at first base. (He's that tiny person back there. I wasn't about to venture any closer to get a better picture. Those amateur softball players don't always keep the ball in the field of play, so I didn't want to risk getting bopped in the head with a runaway ball!) Mike at bat. As a birthday present to himself, Chris hit a home run! I actually caught the moment on camera. Here he is running the bases. I love the continuous shooting mode on my camera! Besides taking pictures, Mommaw, Avery and I just relaxed and stayed in the shade to cheer on the boys.

The Mad Hatter

At one of her baby showers, Avery received a hot pink bathing suit covered in pink flamingos. It also included a floppy, pink sun hat. This outfit will come in handy when we spend time in Mommaw and Poppaw Clark's pool this summer. But since the water isn't quite warm enough yet, we had to try out the hat yesterday at Daddy's softball game. I loved seeing her in it! And thank goodness she likes to wear hats. Otherwise, Daddy would be pretty disappointed!