15 May 2009

Thoughts on the first 12 weeks

I was blessed to have 12 fun-filled weeks with my precious Avery. Unfortunately, my maternity leave officially ends today, and I'll return to work on Monday. I guess it had to happen eventually! I'm so glad I had this time to get to know Avery. Sometimes we struggled. I had difficulties establishing a schedule and completing tasks on my daily to-do list, things that I never had a problem with in my life before Avery. Avery rebelled against taking naps, and she didn't like it when she wasn't being held all day, every day. (She already likes to be the center of attention!) But I was able to share so many happy moments with my little girl. This time will always hold a special place in my heart. Chris was such a supportive husband. Before Avery was born, he insisted that I take the full 12-week maternity leave because he knew how important that time would be for both me and Avery. (And I'm so grateful that he spent the first two weeks with us!) I know there were days when he was frustrated with me and wondered what we did all day since I obviously hadn't accomplished anything by the time he got home in the evening. But he understood that any day spent with Avery was a productive day! I'm sure the first few weeks back at work will be tough. It will help to know that family will be watching Avery for the foreseeable future. I imagine it would be harder for me to send her to a day care facility with people I don't know! When I get frustrated or stressed or wonder if I made the right decision to return to work, I'll just think of the smiles and coos Avery has waiting for me at home. And I'll remember that I'm working to provide a better life for her. We'd appreciate your prayers for these items over the next few weeks:
  • Pray that Avery will adjust quickly and easily to other people watching her during the day. Pray that she will stick to a schedule each day.
  • Lately Avery has been pretty grumpy in the evenings! So pray that she will be in a pleasant mood during the evenings to make our time as a family more enjoyable and less stressful.
  • Pray that Teresa will have a cooperative, loving attitude at work.
  • Pray that Teresa's supply can keep up with Avery's feeding demand.
  • Pray that Chris will have the right words to comfort and encourage Teresa.


Corie said...

It's amazing how much longer things can take to get done when you have a baby, isn't it? When my babies were little, I remember thinking I had accomplished the world if I got a shower before 1 p.m.! :o) Anyway, I'm certain you are doing an amazing job as a mom, and I will be praying for you as you return to work. It's not easy, but it does get easier as time goes on. Hang in there. And just enjoy every minute you have with her! She will enjoy every minute she has with you, too! :o)

Rocket Ma'am said...

Consider it prayed.
But hHaving done both sides... I'll pray that you guys can manage financially for Teresa to quit her job and stay at home, too.