25 May 2009

A May tradition

Chris has mentioned how glad he is that I like sports. Otherwise, he said he probably wouldn't have married me. I'm especially glad that we share a love of motorsports, particularly open-wheel racing. So it's no surprise that we've been to a lot of races together. The Indy 500, of course, is our favorite race. Each year, Chris hopes someone offers him some unused tickets or searches all over eBay for a good deal. And then he's disappointed when he can't go to the race, even though he still loves listening to it on the radio. So this year Chris finally decided to put his name on the list for season tickets to the race. We were excited that we got our first choice in the Southwest Vista, coming out of the first turn. We didn't realize how great our seats are until we got there. Not only are we one row from the top, we can see the cars coming off the front stretch, going through turns one and two and entering the backstretch. We even can see a bit of turn three, the short chute and turn four. We couldn't ask for a better view! I think our grandchildren will be using these tickets because we won't be giving these up for anything. I was kind of disappointed with yesterday's race. With such a tightly competitive field, I had hoped for a more exciting race. But we still had a great time because I'm glad to be at any Indy 500! Current members of the military displayed this flag during the pre-race festivities. The flyover featured two B-25 bombers from World War II. Helio, Briscoe and Dario on the pace lap. Danica on the pace lap. After his crash, Matos ended up right in front of our stands.