02 April 2009

Having a daughter is so special!

In the delivery room when the doctor announced, "It's a girl," Chris and I were pretty surprised. We both were expecting a boy, and I honestly was hoping for a boy. I just never pictured myself being the mother of a daughter. I'm the farthest thing from a "girly girl," and I didn't think I could handle all of the things that come with having a girl, like frilly pink dresses, hair accessories and all of the melodrama. (By the way, Chris already calls Avery a drama queen. We're going to be in trouble in a few years!)
Of course, things have changed since I met Avery nearly six weeks ago. I'm so glad she's a part of our lives now! But I'm still getting used to the fact that I have a daughter. When I feel a little down or overwhelmed, I just think about how special my relationship is with my mother. I hope to have the same thing with Avery.
Also I've been compiling this list of things I'm looking forward to doing with Avery. Some of them will be special because only a daughter can do them. And some of them will be special just because I'm doing them with Avery.
Here's the beginning of the list. I'm sure I'll add to it for the next 18 years! :o)
  • Brownie and Girl Scout activities
  • Father/daughter dances at church
  • Going to BSF together
  • Shopping for special occasion dresses
  • Mother/daughter Bible studies at church
  • Watching her play sports
  • Playing Barbies
  • Playing with an Easy Bake Oven
  • Planning her wedding

P.S. This post also made me realize that I need to step out from behind the camera and get some more pictures of me with Avery!