01 March 2009

One week later

Here's what we learned during our first week with Avery: It takes awhile for newborns to "learn" to eat. This week we tried every trick in the book to get Avery to eat properly. Instead of sucking in, she likes to push out with her tongue. But after several tries, she finally got the hang of it. And now she's exclusively nursing. Let's hope she keeps up the good work! Avery loves her bouncer seat. She loves sleeping during the day and still hasn't figured out that she should sleep at night, too. So we're using this bouncer seat to help her sleep at night. Hopefully this will be a short phase. I really want her to use Grandpa Hromada's cradle! She'll make a great IU fan. After she survives this once-in-a-lifetime bad season, Daddy will teach her all the great things about IU basketball. Avery already has a great relationship with Chris. It didn't take long to wrap him around her little finger! And Daddy is good at changing diapers. Avery and I also survived our first night together while Chris was at a basketball game. Grandma and Grandpa Hromada and Aunt Karen kept us company for awhile. But then it was just the two of us until Daddy got home. And we did pretty well by ourselves! Since my belly pictures are done, we'll start taking milestone photos of Avery. Here's the first one: Thanks to everyone for your prayers, meals and gifts. We still have a lot to learn, but this first week as a family has been amazing!


Corie said...

Congrats to you all for surviving your first week! I think that's the toughest one of all, although I wish I could tell you it's all just easy from here! :o) Isn't this the best, hardest job of your life?

Wish I could have come to meet Avery in the hospital, but with my vacation, I was too swamped to breathe. So I can't wait to meet her sometime soon!