26 March 2009

Four weeks already?!?!

I can't believe Avery is one month old already! To celebrate the occasion, I took her to the pediatrician for a weight check. The biggest drawback to breastfeeding is that I don't know how much Avery is eating. So the only way to be sure she's getting enough milk is to do a weight check. I was hoping she would be back to her birth weight. But instead, I was pleasantly surprised that Avery weighed 8 pounds! So I guess breastfeeding is working for both of us! This weekend, we had two baby showers. The hosts of these showers wanted Avery to attend, so we had planned to wait until after she was born to have these showers. Now I think this is the only way to have a baby shower, with the guest of honor in attendance! We played Pass the Baby at each shower so people could spend time with Avery. She was very well behaved. I think she enjoys being held by so many people who love her! Here are pictures of Great Aunt Pauline and Grandma Hromada holding Avery. I haven't seen the photos from the other shower, but trust me that all of those kind ladies enjoyed meeting Avery, too. Avery got so many adorable clothes at the showers. I can tell that people enjoy shopping for girls' clothes! Luckily, many of the clothes are too big for her now, which means she'll have plenty of clothes to grow into over the next year. Today she's wearing one of my favorite outfits from one of the showers. I guess ladybugs are a popular theme in girls' clothes right now. And I love them! Avery has been enjoying her swing lately. Chris captured these photos of her sleeping in it one afternoon. And one last milestone. Yesterday, we had our first official family photo. In honor of our church's 125th anniversary, we're creating a history book of our church, which will include photos of current members and attendees. The original photo sessions were in January and February, and make-up dates were offered in March. But we scheduled our session in March so Avery could be included in the picture, too. She did a great job! We got some good pictures of her, including a little smile. And she didn't start crying until after we took the last picture! We'll post the final results after we receive our copies in a few weeks.


Corie said...

Happy (one-month) birthday to Avery! And Teresa, you look great! (For the record, four years later and I'm still not to my pre-baby-number-two weight!) What's your secret?? :o)

jilanbil@yahoo.ca said...

Congratulations, Teresa!! She is absolutely beautiful.

La famille Billington said...

Sorry, Tereas, that last comment was from me--Jill Billington