18 March 2009

First boys' regional

Chris was honored with his first boys' basketball regional this year. Not only did he get assigned to a regional, he also got to officiate the final game! Chris' dad, my dad and I went to the game while the grandmas and Aunt Karen watched Avery. I was so excited to watch Chris at his last game of the season. And I admit I also was glad to have a few hours away from Avery! Because of Chris' connections, we got the VIP treatment. First we got in the game for free, thanks to the athletic director's generosity. Then we got tickets to the hospitality room where we enjoyed homemade lasagna and desserts. According to my dad, the only thing missing was a limo! It was a really exciting game -- talented players, a close score all the way to the end and a crowd that was really into the game. I could tell that Chris was having a blast. This is what he lives for! The gym was nearly completely full with excited, screaming fans. With every call, half of the crowd hated Chris and his partners while the other half loved them. But that's the way it always is! After one of Chris' calls, one of the players shared his opinion under his breath along with a few choice words. Chris whipped around, wagged his finger in the player's face and told him not to speak to him that way. Everyone in the gym knew that player said something wrong and that Chris was in charge! This game was a great way to end another great season for my favorite referee!