03 March 2009

A few milestone pictures

Avery's first bath started out well enough. But after she realized what was going on, she decided that she didn't like it so much. When all was said and done, the experience wasn't so bad after all.
We decided to try a few naps in her crib. She did pretty well sleeping in a new environment. In a few weeks, we'll stop using the cradle and move her permanently to the crib.
Avery's first tummy time. Hopefully the next attempt will be better!


Rjs said...

What a priceless expression!

She probably won't care for it until she gets the hang of holding her head up. Even then, you never know...

Come back!! We miss our proofer!!!

Rocket Ma'am said...

Aggghh! You're giving me baby fever, and that's a VERY BAD THING!!!