18 March 2009

Catching up

Avery has been busy the past few days! She's learning to enjoy tummy time.
She's even lifting her head! Avery turned 3 weeks old on Saturday. From this picture, it looks like she wasn't very happy about getting one week older!
We made our first trip to church on Sunday. Avery pleased us by sleeping through the whole service. But each time she moved or made a noise, Chris checked on her because he was nervous that she was going to wake up. Let's hope she is this calm and relaxed every week! :o)

When I checked on her during one of her naps yesterday, I saw that she had rolled herself onto her side. I was a little freaked out that she did that on her own! But I know it's OK. I'll just keep checking on her to make sure she doesn't roll over too far! And Avery sends special birthday wishes to her Aunt Karen!