11 February 2009

38-week update

Just when I thought I was having the world's easiest pregnancy, God threw a curve ball at me. Last weekend, I struggled with some severe pain in my jaw. It made it nearly impossible to eat or sleep. I saw my dentist on Monday, and he said it's stress-induced TMJ. Fabulous! The best treatment for someone in my delicate condition is rest and not stressing out...oh, and delivering the baby! Easier said than done! He said things should improve after I have Cheeto. So Chris is doing his best to help me take it easy. Hopefully I can relax over the next two weeks! Today we had our 38-week appointment. Cheeto's heartbeat was 130, and I'm now dilated to 2 to 3 cm. I'm also starting to thin out more. Apparently I'm having more contractions than I'm feeling since things are progressing along so well! Our next appointment is next Friday, the due date. Let's hope we'll have to cancel the appointment because Cheeto will have arrived...or be on the way! :o) And for good measure, here's my 37-week belly picture. Stay tuned here over the next week for the latest developments!


Corie said...

Maybe you'll have a Valentine's Day baby!! :o)