28 January 2009

Snow day

Today I got an unexpected snow day. I wasn't surprised to see eight inches of snow when I woke up this morning, but I guess it's hard to fathom that much snow all at once. I didn't know what to do. Working at a 24-hour company means my office wasn't officially closed. But I honestly was scared to drive to work. Chris made my decision for me. He said he didn't want his nine-month pregnant wife on the roads. So he insisted that I stay home. Chris' office wasn't closed either, so he braved the snow-covered roads and made it to downtown without incident. Only a handful of people actually made it to the office, so he's wishing he would have stayed home with me! I joked that today would be the day I go into labor, with eight inches of snow on the ground and Chris at work. So he told me to take it easy and relax. I've spent the day writing baby shower thank-you notes, taking pictures of the snow and watching TV while wondering when Cheeto will decide to arrive. So here are some pictures from our snow-covered part of the world.