20 January 2009

A recap of the past few days

We've had a busy few days! Here's a recap of everything that's been going on. Baby shower First up was our first baby shower with Chris' family and friends. Everyone was so generous! We got a lot of essential things and plenty of fun things, too. Here are a few shots from the party, courtesy of Karen and Lori Anne: Thanks to Linda and Judi for such a fun shower! 34-week appointment Monday morning, we had my 34-week appointment (even though I'm technically at 35 weeks!) with the third doctor in the practice. My weight gain and BP were good, and Cheeto's heartbeat was 144. The doctor decided to do an exam, and I was quite surprised when she told me that I'm already 2 cm dilated! I know that I can be dilated for a long time, but I just wasn't expecting her to tell me that! Also, Cheeto is still very high, so he or she won't arrive any time soon. Chris likes to tell me that I'm starting the hard part, and I'm already 20% done! The nursery Right now, the nursery is full of the gifts we've received. I just need a little motivation and energy to put everything away! Chris had the day off yesterday, so he surprised me by organizing some of the gifts we received on Sunday, including assembling the swing. I was taken aback when I got home and saw this in the living room: Each baby item we add to the house gets me more nervous...and excited! Chris also replaced the blinds in the nursery and hung the valance. So, the nursery is coming along. We'll have another shower this weekend, so there will be more things to add. Cheeto is going to be one blessed baby!


Anonymous said...

No babies until after your showers!!! :-)

Jenny still needs to get cracking on your present.