16 January 2009

35 and 35

Today I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and we have 35 days to go. I still can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone! While I’ll be happy to finally meet Cheeto, part of me doesn’t want this part to end. I’ve really loved being pregnant! So here are some random thoughts at 35 weeks: We’ve interviewed two pediatricians, and we like both of them. One is older. OK…more experienced! His office, located closer to our house, is only open normal business hours, Monday through Friday. The other doctor is younger and has some late weekday and Saturday office hours, even though that office is a little farther away from home. So how will we decide?! We’ve still got a little time. We don’t need to make a decision until we get to the hospital. This weekend begins the frenzy of baby showers. We decided not to have any showers until after Christmas. But that means the next few weeks will be full of friends, family and parties. Wasn’t I just at my wedding showers last week? Now I’ll be opening baby gifts. Where have the past five years gone? The nursery is looking great. All of the furniture is in place. Now I'm washing the baby clothes and linens and trying to organize everything. It's pretty weird to see pastel baby clothes in my washing machine! And, by the way, Cheeto does have a real name. But you'll have to wait about five more weeks to find out what it is!


Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Teresa, in two plus years, we've never needed to see the doc in the evening or on the weekend (knock on wood!) As long as they have an after-hours nurse line, you'll be good. Our doc is less than a mile away and I LOVE it.