02 December 2008

28-week appointment

Today was a very uneventful 28-week appointment. My blood pressure and weight are still on track, and Cheeto's heartbeat is about 130 bpm. (Don't try to judge Cheeto's sex based on the heartbeat. It's not a very good indicator. :o) ) They also tested me for gestational diabetes. For this test, I drank an orange, surgary syrup then had my blood drawn an hour later. We don't expect anything to be wrong, but they'll let us know if there's a problem. Now our appointments are every two weeks. Yikes! Already? Then once I reach 36 weeks, our appointments will be weekly. I wonder if the third trimester will drag on like so many women say it does!


CorieCommunications said...

Twenty-eight weeks already?!?! Where the heck does the time go? :o) Little Cheeto will be here before any of us can blink. Hope you have some names picked out! :o) (Hint, hint...are you going to share?!)

Rocket Ma'am said...

You will learn first hand that God made the last month is so awful so even the most nervous mother will be ready to GET IT OVER WITH!!! ;o)