13 November 2008

That can't be right...

Today, my ticker on the left side of the page says "99 days to go." Seriously? I'm in double digits now? Don't get me wrong...I can't wait to meet Cheeto, but there's so much to do before February. Ninety-nine days just doesn't seem like enough time to prepare for the biggest change in our lives!


CorieCommunications said...

Ah, but just remember, it will be the BEST change of your life, too! :o)

(Feeling better yet? No? Just have enough clothes and diapers for her or him to get you through a few weeks, a bassinet for Mommy & Daddy's bedroom, and a working camera, and everything else could wait a few months, technically. Anything beyond that and you're well prepared! So really you have like 189 days to get the nursery finalized, rearrange your household, plan your maternity leave, buy tons of cute clothes, stock up on all the million little baby necessities, call all of the family, write thank-you notes for shower gifts, baby-proof the house, etc.) I'm not helping, am I? Yeah, I forget how much goes into getting ready for baby! But it's so fun, and you only get to do it once for the first time, so try to take time to enjoy it! :o)

Jill said...

Hi Teresa. I didn't know you had a blog. So fun to hear and see how bébé is growing. We are very happy for you guys!! You're going to love being a mom.

hugs, Jill