09 November 2008

The only bad thing about fall

As kids, most of us loved this time of year since it meant playing and jumping in huge piles of leaves. I have fond memories of this in my own childhood. But being a grown-up during fall means raking and bagging leaves instead of playing in them. That was Chris' mission today: Raking the yard. He spent a few hours outside after church and filled 20 bags with leaves. Seems like a lot, right? His job is done, right? Not quite. Those 20 bags were only about half of the back yard, never mind the front yard. By the time he was finished, he was frustrated and worn out. But after a hot lunch and some hot chocolate, now he's wrapped up in his IU blanket and sleeping in his recliner. All in a day's work. I just hope Chris doesn't regret buying this house with its huge mature trees!


CorieCommunications said...

Oh, man! That's a LOT of leaves! If you're feeling lazy (or resourceful and efficient) some winter, you might try just mowing over the leaves one more time before winter sets in and see what it's like in spring. That's what my mom has done for years! :o) But for all that work yesterday, I'd say Chris definitely deserved some hot chocolate and a nap! Ah, winter!