02 November 2008

A few random things...

First, I want to publicly recognize my successful referee husband! He did such a great job running a sideline of the boys' state soccer finals last night. It was the best game he could hope for. (It took overtime and then seven PKs before a winner was determined.) And I could tell he was having a really good time!

Due to Chris' lightning speed running the sideline, here's the best picture I got all night:

On to the other excitement this week...When my Grandma Hromada passed away earlier this year, besides leaving behind many special memories, photos and mementos, she also generously left some money for my sister and me. Chris and I wanted to spend our portion on something special that will always remind us of Grandma. So we bought a new dining room set.

The set arrived this week, and I think Grandma would approve of it! The china cabinet is the new home for one of my favorite possessions: Grandma and Grandpa's wedding china that now is more than 65 years old. And the dining set also shares the same room as Grandma's piano, another item I'm proud to have.

Each time I walk by the table or see her china in the cabinet, I'll think of Grandma and her happy, smiling face.