20 October 2008

Chris is reffing semi-state again!

Today Chris got his semi-state assignment for girls soccer!

After working a regionals game at Avon on Wednesday, he'll have three semi-state games at Evansville Harrison on Saturday. And some more good news...one of the guys from his regular crew is the head referee at this semi-state site! (And I have a feeling some of the other crew members will be in Evansville to harass and heckle Chris and Jeff. If it wasn't so far away, I'd be there, too!)

Chris works with a great group of guys during the regular season and likes the postseason much better when he gets to work with them in the "big" games. This semi-state assignment means Chris has a pretty good chance of going to state again this year. Even though he technically didn't qualify for state last year, someone thought he was so good that he went anyway as an alternate...a very important role but one that kept him on the sidelines, handling substitutes coming in and out of the game. This year, he's hoping to go to state and be on the field.

I'm so proud of Chris! I know he's a top-notch referee, but I'm glad to see others (who have a little more weight in the officiating world than me!) recognizing him for his efforts, too.

Good luck on Saturday, Chris and Jeff! I know you'll have a great semi-state!