31 October 2008

24-week appointment

Everything is perfect! Cheeto's heartbeat was about 140. And I'm doing fine with blood pressure and weight gain. I was getting nervous because I haven't felt Cheeto move very much. But the doctor said everything is fine. The flutters and kicks should get more frequent now. I had another milestone this week: Yesterday the cashier at the grocery store asked me when the baby is due. She is the first stranger to mention my pregnancy! I thanked her for noticing my big baby belly. :o)

29 October 2008

He's going back to state!

This week, Chris was "invited" to officiate at the soccer state finals! What an awesome reward for such a great officiating season.

The games take place this Saturday in downtown Indianapolis. Now we're just waiting to find out if he'll have a morning game or an evening game. Personally, I'm hoping for a morning game. I imagine it will be warmer in the morning than it was at night for last year's state game. But it doesn't really matter...Cheeto and I will be there to cheer on our favorite referee, no matter what!

24 October 2008

Cheeto, are you in there?

Yesterday, I occasionally felt what could only be described as spasm-like movements. I'm guessing it was Cheeto, but I'm not sure. I haven't felt much today. I'll just keep waiting for more definitive flutters from Cheeto!

20 October 2008

Chris is reffing semi-state again!

Today Chris got his semi-state assignment for girls soccer!

After working a regionals game at Avon on Wednesday, he'll have three semi-state games at Evansville Harrison on Saturday. And some more good news...one of the guys from his regular crew is the head referee at this semi-state site! (And I have a feeling some of the other crew members will be in Evansville to harass and heckle Chris and Jeff. If it wasn't so far away, I'd be there, too!)

Chris works with a great group of guys during the regular season and likes the postseason much better when he gets to work with them in the "big" games. This semi-state assignment means Chris has a pretty good chance of going to state again this year. Even though he technically didn't qualify for state last year, someone thought he was so good that he went anyway as an alternate...a very important role but one that kept him on the sidelines, handling substitutes coming in and out of the game. This year, he's hoping to go to state and be on the field.

I'm so proud of Chris! I know he's a top-notch referee, but I'm glad to see others (who have a little more weight in the officiating world than me!) recognizing him for his efforts, too.

Good luck on Saturday, Chris and Jeff! I know you'll have a great semi-state!

18 October 2008

Patiently waiting for baby kicks

For the past few weeks, I've been waiting to feel flutters and kicks from Cheeto. I know it's still a little early and definitely nothing to worry about. But I can't wait to feel the baby. Hopefully it will be any day now!

And for good measure, here is my 21-week belly picture.

11 October 2008

Made in Japan

All the way from Japan, Uncle Casey and Future Aunt Elvie sent a special gift to Cheeto: A blue turtle and a pink penguin. I guess Uncle Casey isn't particular about getting a niece or a nephew. Thanks for the thoughtful gifts!

06 October 2008

05 October 2008

Ahhhhh...home sweet home

The basement is done! It took a few weeks to hang all of the pictures, but we're finally done.

Now this is what our basement is supposed to look like.

See that empty space on the left side of this picture? Wouldn't that be the perfect place for a pop-a-shot? Chris thinks so!

I'm so glad I finally have a scrapbook room. I just need to organize all of my supplies!

My scrapbook room is the perfect place for my Lucy items. That way Chris doesn't have to look at them. :o)

Now we move on to our next project: the nursery.

Chris and his dad repaired the hole behind the door last week.

We'd better hurry up and choose paint colors so we can start on the fun stuff!

Cheeto's high chair

Yesterday, Chris' Uncle Larry and Aunt Jerri delivered Cheeto's new high chair, which was handmade by Uncle Larry. This beautiful chair is made of oak and walnut and is just the right size and height for a little one to climb into. Daddy and Uncle Larry assembled the chair.

  Here's the finished chair.

And Uncle Larry left his "signature" on the chair.

It's so special to have a physical reminder of how much Cheeto is already loved by his or her family. Thanks again, Uncle Larry and Aunt Jerri!

03 October 2008

We're at the halfway point

It's hard to believe that I'm 20 weeks today. That means I'm officially halfway through this pregnancy.

Wow! It seems like just yesterday we were in awe over the positive result on the home pregnancy test. And now we're 20 weeks away (give or take a few weeks!) from meeting our little baby. Before we know it, we'll be holding our precious Cheeto!

So, my thoughts on the pregnancy so far...I've had such an incredibly easy time. Very minor symptoms and absolutely no morning sickness! I'm not sure how I managed to avoid the morning sickness, but I'll take it. I'm waiting for some of the later pregnancy symptoms to kick in, like heartburn, insomnia, aches and pains and more. Unless God blesses me with a completely uneventful pregnancy!

I still can't believe I'm growing a baby inside of me. Watching the ultrasound this week was so amazing. It's incredible to think of all the things God is doing to help this little baby grow. And all I have to do is provide a good home! It shouldn't be long now before I feel the baby kick. I can't wait for that! After that, I'll be anxious for Chris to feel the kicks, too.

Speaking of my wonderful husband, he's been such a great support and help for these first 20 weeks...actually for these first four and a half years of our marriage. He's put up with a lot of emotional days and nights on my part. And he's picked up some of my slack in the areas of cooking and housework. Then again, he does all of that stuff anyway! Besides being concerned about me and my health, I already can tell that he loves Cheeto and will be a wonderful father. I can't wait to see him hold his son or daughter in his arms. I don't think I could face parenthood without him.

And Chris' brief thoughts on the first 20 weeks: Time flies when you're having fun! Nine months sounds like a long time. But now that we're halfway done, can we have another nine months to prepare? So, here we go on the next 20 weeks. Keep praying for a happy, healthy baby Clark!