30 September 2008

Say hello to Cheeto!

What an amazing experience to see little Baby Clark in the ultrasound today! Cheeto is right on track for his/her size (11 oz.) and heartbeat (136 bpm). Chris and I are still in awe of the whole thing, so we'll just let the pictures do the talking.

A hand waving hello.


One view of the face.

Another view of the face.


A future referee's foot?


A profile shot.

And since I didn't want to be left out of all the picture-taking, here's my 19w4d belly picture from this evening.

27 September 2008

No more wallpaper!

As I type, Chris is removing the last of the wallpaper in the nursery.

This turned out to be a much easier project than we imagined. Thank goodness the paper and glue have come off easily!

After Chris and his dad repair the gaping hole behind the door, we'll start painting. We've been looking at paint chips and hope to decide on colors soon.

On a side note, special thanks to Aunt Karen for these sweet gifts for Cheeto.

25 September 2008

Seeking prayers for the big ultrasound

On Tuesday afternoon, Chris and I will finally get to see Cheeto at our first (and maybe last) ultrasound. And, no...we haven't changed our minds about finding out the sex of the baby!

While we have no reason to believe anything is wrong with Cheeto or me, we're asking for you to pray for this big day. We want to see a happy and healthy baby on that ultrasound.

It's hard to believe I'll be halfway finished with this pregnancy next week. It's been very smooth sailing so far. We'll post pictures of Baby Clark on Tuesday night. We can't wait for this exciting appointment!

17 September 2008

The nursery: Before

Ahhhh...the before pictures of the nursery. This was the bedroom for one of the daughters of the previous owners. Lately we've been using it as a holding place for items damaged in the basement flood. But now it's time to turn it into Cheeto's nursery!

Before we can start doing the fun stuff, we have to get this room back in order. The walls are covered with yellow paint on the bottom, a wallpaper border in the middle and striped wallpaper at the top. Definitely not our style! And there's a little repair work to be done. Apparently, someone slammed the door into the wall, and the doorknob made a rather large hole. After we fix that, we'll need to install some sort of stopper so that doesn't happen again!

Chris has become obsessed with taking down the wallpaper, but it has come off pretty easily. All that's left is removing the glue, which is the hard part! Then we can paint and add our own wallpaper border from our nursery bedding. I can't believe after taking down all of this wallpaper, we're just going to add more! Even though a border will be minimal work.

Enjoy these before pictures. Hopefully we'll have something better to show in a few weeks!

10 September 2008

Another milestone today

I just registered us for childbirth education classes. Unfortunately, they're all right around Thanksgiving and Christmas, making a busy holiday and basketball season even busier. But I found out about a perk for my hospital's employees: we get a 50 percent discount on childbirth class fees! After marketing my hospital's women and children's services for five years, Chris thinks I should be able to deliver at the hospital for free. I don't think our insurance company will go for that, so I'll take the class discount instead!

06 September 2008

The nursery theme

We finally chose a theme for Cheeto's nursery! This was a difficult decision because (1) we prefer primary colors over pastels, and (2) we want a neutral nursery not a feminine-looking nursery, and so many of the neutral bedding sets have a feminine feel. So after weeks of looking at bedding, we agreed on this set called Peek-a-Boo Friends:

Now we have to choose paint colors! Any suggestions?

05 September 2008

03 September 2008

First belly pics!

We've been taking weekly belly pics to "monitor" my growth. But there really hasn't been anything to share until now.

Here's the first one at week 5.

Now here I am tonight at week 15.

You can't really tell I'm pregnant when I wear my regular clothes, but you definitely can in this tank top!