06 August 2008

Woosh, woosh, woosh

Today we heard Baby Clark's heartbeat!

I was so nervous that my doctor wouldn't be able to find the heartbeat, but she had no problems at all. Baby's heartbeat was a perfect 160 beats per minute. Chris made sure the doctor found only one heartbeat. She assured us that we're not having multiples! Everything else is fine, too.

We've already scheduled our big ultrasound for Sept. 29. But we're not finding out the sex of the baby. :o) And the doctor changed my due date slightly to Feb. 20.

Today's appointment made this whole pregnancy feel a little more real to us both. I'm so amazed at how God is growing this tiny person inside of me. I've read some materials about the stages of growth, and I'm in awe at how God does all of this so perfectly and without much effort from me! After reading this stuff, there's no way you can say there's no God. I'm so grateful that He's allowed us this chance to grow, train and nurture a child!


Rjs said...

Hey, look! You do get to do Day of Dance after all!
(I thought you might appreciate it.)
Glad everything went well today.